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Over 2 million Filipinos have to go abroad to earn a viable wage.


Anniecel, our MD, had to leave her son of 2 years old to go to Hong Kong to work as a domestic in order to give her son a proper education so that he had a decent chance in life.  As a bank employee at home, she earned £200 / month - as a domestic in Hong Kong, £600.  She's missed his birthdays, family Christmas's, first day at school.  She gets to see him for 10 days every 2 years.

In Hong Kong, she had to sleep in a linen cupboard, steal food from her employer to eat in the toilet as "eating" was taking her away from paid time - she would have to get up at 3:00am to make noodles for her employer whenever he wanted. 


She was one of the lucky ones!  One Chinese employer is currently serving a 5 year prison term for so badly beating her Filipino maid.  Another was found dead in a deep freezer having been there over 4 weeks.  Others have been trafficked to China as part of the sex trade.


In sub-Saharan Africa, children as young as 6 are taken from their parents and made to work on cacao plantations using machetes and spraying industrial insecticides in clear breach of UK guidelines.


Modern-day slavery affects 46 million worldwide including 11 million children.  UK statistics claim over 13,000 involved in the UK but government sources admit this is just the tip of the iceberg


This should not be happening in 2018


Help us raise awareness and put a stop to this barbaric trade.


"Waiting for Mummy"

General Santos airport Nov 2017

Filipino maids "relaxing" on a Sunday

in Hong Kong

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