Social Inclusion​

Watch a groundbreaking 75 year Harvard study of 724 men into happiness & longevity - YouTube


Strong social relationships, keeping your mind active (neuroplasticity) to stave off dementia and Alzheimers - YouTube


Further backed up by the so-called "Nun study"


According to the Dalai Lama, happiness comes from social inclusion and from being  valued contributing member of society


We aim to promote social inclusion and hence a sense of belonging within our venture so learn social and community lessons long forgotten from indigenous tribes and coming together to form strong cooperative synergistic relationships (TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More)


We will be arranging visits to these various tribes worldwide to come together, chill, have fun and learn while appreciating how others are forced to live their lives.  We aim to make this opportunity an exciting fulfilling experience that all will want to be a part of.




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