We are starting a movement


A "social" movement - nothing to do with politics, all to do with being a citizen of the world and caring and sharing other's experiences.


The Dala Lama claims the secret to happiness is social inclusion, belonging to a community.  Happiness also comes from passion - the passion to change lives, to make a difference and the knowledge that what you are doing is appreciated.


If you want to know just how much you are appreciated, then come with us to visit the farming communities who we are benefitting.


The products you purchase from us mean you are part of that community.  You will in your own way, be making a huge difference in people's lives, giving them hope and dignity and allowing them to reach their potential.


It may just be a cup of coffee to you, but to these people it can be a matter of life, or an undignified existence in a slum - visit our blog to see what that is all about and subscribe to be kept informed of progress

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