•  Registration: 

  • Board of Directors: We have a board of 4 directors and a company secretary - find out who they are

  • Trustees: We are looking for up to 6 Trustees for the company to ensure that we as the board of directors deliver as we promise.  This is what being a trustee means , and if you would like to become involved, e-mail us , bear in mind you will have to attend 1 meeting a year in Hinckley in the UK.  Reasonable expenses will be paid and remuneration will be voted on at the AGM

  • Accounting: as from July 2018 once the legal registration formalities have been completed, we will be running our accounts under Xero and anyone can upon application be given read-only access to these accounts so they know on a daily basis how the company is performing.  We will be appointing accountants in due course, hopefully with advice or recommendations from our Trustees

  • Bankers: Bankers have yet to be appointed but for sakes of convenience especially when dealing with many differing currencies, PayPal is currently our preferred supplier

  • Governance:  This is how we intend to run the company and what our corporate and management structure looks like.  It will be up to the Trustees to ensure that we adhere to this blueprint and UK law in any case dictates that we adhere to these principles. 




LifeAid  Solutions   CIC