How does this work? 

We source eco-friendly, sustainable fashion items made by local tribe people, not some sweat-shop in Bangladesh as the result of child-slave labour. (affecting 1.2 million children worldwide)


All our items are hand-made, unique, made to order from local organically grown materials made by indigenous peoples who have lived off, from and with the land for centuries.


We arrange the ordering, shipping, administration, customs and payments.  


You will receive your commission or mark-up on successful completion of the order, when the customer's funds have cleared our bank account.


You will be provided with a website so that you can sell through the website or use the website to show local wholesalers, markets and shops what you can obtain for them.  Your imagination is the only limit.


The goods pass through the least number of hands so cutting the costs meaning a good deal for your customers and a chance for these indigenous people to maintain their way of living.


Profits made by the company will be returned to these people to provide essentials such as medical facilities, water purification and local ambulances.  We only aim to ease, NOT change their lives.


At the end of the day, you win, your customers win, we win and the local people who produce this win.  Unluckily, lawyers, investors, banks and other fat cats don't get a look in, but I don't think I for one am going to lose much sleep over that!


Send us a no-obligation message to indicate your interest & discuss further.  We will strictly limit the number of colleagues working with us to ensure you have exclusivity in your area, so act now to ensure your place to help not only yourself but others in need.