Joint Venture Partner

As a Joint Venture Partner, you will be part of our growing family.

You will earn from...

  1. commission on sales - put what you think you can sell in a month into the green box to see your expected commission

  2. as a shareholder in the company, you will be entitled to a yearly dividend payment as voted on by the membership at the AGM

  3. you will have voting rights at the AGM

  4. the investment value of your shareholding will increase with the increase in the company valuation as we become more successful

  5. you can access our mentoring & coaching program to help with your success

  6. anticipated cost £50 website design £100 shareholding =£150

  7. your shareholding can be sold at any time at the market rate to an interested buyer

  8. use of spiral dynamics to aid your business

  9. see Lean Start-up Business Canvas for more ideas


E-mail us to express your interest & be kept informed of progress

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