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Tel: 01455 271839

Mobile 07484 890500

Investor Pack​                      Downloadable documents

Why you should invest in our company...
  • As a UK taxpayer the Seed Investment Enterprise Scheme (SEIS) will pay you up to £10,000 back in any one tax year on tax paid. 
  • We qualify for SEIS and waiting for official approval as of 19/03/2018 
  • If you are a "higher rate" taxpayer ie you earn over £45,001 then you are paying tax at 40% so you will be paying £18,000 in tax to HMRC
  • If you invest £10,000 with us then you will get 50% ie £5,000 back, reducing your tax bill from £18,000 to £13,000 from HMRC
  • Therefore instead of "risking" £10,000 with us, you are in effect risking £5,000, but we will repay you the entire £10,000 plus 7% PA interest.
  • If you invest the £10,000 with us for 5 years then we will pay you £198.01 monthly for 60 months totalling £11,880.72
  • But, you will also get the £5,000 back from HMRC, so you will in effect be getting £16,880.72 an effective rate of 13.76%
  • Not only a good investment but an investment with social benefits.  We encourage all investors to keep in contact with us and we will arrange trips to the Far East to meet the beneficiaries of these schemes and learn from their sense of community and so mutually benefit.
  • Donations always VERY gratefully accepted... 

Company Valuation Services estimate 19/03/2018

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Investor Pack
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Lotus Coffee Ltd.: Reg No 11311150                   Tel: +44 (0) 1455 271839 / +44 (0) 7484 890500​                    LifeAid Solutions CIC: Reg No 11190776

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