Our vision is to become a global online non-profit enterprise by selling award winning, hand crafted products distributed with a social agenda.

 Our mission is to give people HOPE & promote…

  1. awareness of environmental protection

  2. social inclusion and involvement

  3. keeping communities together by backing local farmers allowing them to support their families and provide education for their children

 We aim to do this by…

  1. sourcing products from indigenous developing world communities

  2. encouraging sustainable eco-friendly methods of production

      • organically certified where possible 

      • produced using organic principals where the cost of organic certification is unrealistic

  3. exporting these products to customers in the USA, Europe & UK

  4. distribute these products through a network of affiliate marketers and Joint Venture Partners

  5. returning profit generated to the producing communities in the form of aid.

  6. exceeding Fair-trade standards & guidelines

What do we do, what are we about?

LifeAid UK 


CIC  Ltd

 What does this mean?

  1. we buy coffee beans direct from local farmers or cooperatives.  There are tax advantages in the Philippines for farmers to form themselves into cooperatives and it makes the return of funds easier for us to ensure it is used to benefit the community & not just an individual 


  3. we to produce their locally grown organic cacao beans buy chocolate products from local Philippino manufacturers who use award winning products.

  4. we will also be buying other products such as herbal teas and remedies.  More information on this to come.

  5. we are also sourcing local handicrafts, ornaments, textiles etc to sell via our networks.

 How are these products sold?

  1. Products are sold via our web site.  Those who want to can let us know that they wish to sell our products.  They then sell these products to customers worldwide, we take the order and the money for the order, ship the products to the customer and at the end of the month we pay commission to those people selling our products.

  2. Products are also sold via retailers.  Same arrangement, if you want to get your local retailer to stock our products, again, you will earn commission on whatever the retailer buys from us.

  3. Products are available to wholesalers - same deal, you let us know, we pay you commission.

How can I get involved? 

  1. e-mail us at chris@lifeaid.solutions and tell us how you would like to be involved.

  2. you can become involved as an “affiliate member” - you earn 15% commission on all sales via the web, retail or wholesale.

  3. you can become a Joint Venture Partner - £100 buys you shares in the company.  You can still sell as an affiliate but the £100 you have invested in the company is eligible for dividend payments (interest) at the end of each year.  After 3 years you may sell your £100 shares for hopefully a considerable profit.  You also have a vote at the Annual General Meeting in how the company is run, who runs the company and what the company should be concentrating on over the next year - true democracy!

  4. If you know of any sources for products and produce, please let us know by e-mail.​

How do I know this is genuine?

  1. We are a Community Interest Company registered with Companies House, the registration authority for companies in the UK.

  2. under UK company law we have to return profit generated to the community.  A yearly return has to be submitted to Companies House and can be seen on the Companies House website

  3. we have a team of 6 non-executive directors who will oversee not only our activities but also the beneficiaries of the funds and ensure that these funds are used wisely to benefit the whole community.  A yearly report will detail the beneficiary activities and will again be available for public viewing.

  4. if you have sufficient reason, upon application to the non-executive directors, an order can be made to give online read-only access to our day-to-day accounts conducted via Xero ensuring complete transparency of operations.

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