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Tel: 01455 271839

Mobile 07484 890500

Equity Funding

Company Valuation Services estimate 19/03/2018

Why you should invest in our company...
  • Equity funding is where you purchase shares in the company. 
  • An estimate from the UK Company Valuations Services on 19th March 2018 valued our company at a potential £930,000, the lower quartile being £470,000 and the upper quartile being £1,390,000. 
  • If you were to buy a 49% share in our business for £100,000 you would be looking at being able to sell your shares after 2 years for a minimum of £230,000 if we were to get the low end valuation at £470,000. 
  • On top of this you would be receiving a yearly dividend but under Community Interest Company guidelines, this is capped at 7% PA
  • An American company assessing us on 28th December estimated we would raise up to £283,000 so very much in line with the more recent valuation.
  • The longer you stay with the company, of course, the higher your return.
  • In order to ensure transparency of operations we would welcome your involvement as a non-executive director to act as mentor, advisor and to ensure that we stay on track.
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Lotus Coffee Ltd.: Reg No 11311150                   Tel: +44 (0) 1455 271839 / +44 (0) 7484 890500​                    LifeAid Solutions CIC: Reg No 11190776

Updated: 03/11/2018 13:09 GMT