A recent report found that happier countries have a “healthy balance” of prosperity, trust in society, low inequality and confidence in government.  However it has been shown and further promoted by the Dalai Lama that countries with a high degree of social integration consistently fare well in these reports.


Interviews with refugees from North Korea with its shortages of almost everything and an oppressive government regime have consistently shown that these refugees were “surprised” that although the “west” appeared to have everything, life back home was a lot happier.


The same experience was found after the Berlin Wall came down with East Germans, many of whom longed to go back to the former regime where social ties were much closer and everyone seemed to help each other through the common adversity.


My dream is to get bored, lonely, disillusioned, unfulfilled people together, share common thoughts, dreams, aims & goals and eventually have events where we can all meet.


This concept was developed by listeners to Terry Wogan’s radio shows who became Terry’s Old Geezers (TOGs) with events held around the country for no other reason than to get together and bemoan their lot in typical english fashion.


Across the pond, you have a similar view to community as represented by “liming” - originating in Trinidad & Tobago, it represents the disappearing art of hanging around, drinking large quantities of alcohol and generally doing what “She who must be obeyed” would not approve of!


As I always seemed to be the subject of disapproval, can I urge all fellow sufferers to join us…

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