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Tel: 01455 271839

Mobile 07484 890500

Community Coffee Shops

Working with BEC, we discovered the problems facing those on the autistic spectrum in finding meaningful employment.


We also discovered the problems in obtaining grant funding for such projects.


The solutions - combine our coffee business with the charity to provide...


  1. employment and engagement for neurodiverse individuals

  2. social inclusion and community engagement not only for these indivduals but also their families

  3. opportunity to network, coach and teach others

  4. identify unique marketable skills in a relaxed social environment

  5. identify and develop coping strategies including the use of technology such as

    1. chatbots

    2. virtual reality to help with scotopic sensitives

    3. virtual and augmeneted reality to assist with sensory problems

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Lotus Coffee Ltd.: Reg No 11311150                   Tel: +44 (0) 1455 271839 / +44 (0) 7484 890500​                    LifeAid Solutions CIC: Reg No 11190776

Updated: 03/11/2018 13:09 GMT