This is where I'm going to get on my soap-box and start preaching - NO apologies!


The prime-minister of the UK earns £149,440 PA

Members of Parliament earn £74,000 PA

In the top 100 charities, the AVERAGE pay  for a charity CEO was £255,000


A charity = an organisation set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.  NOT to feather your own nest!  The worst offender was a "charity" who raised just £8 million in a year but still managed to pay their CEO £500,000.


We decided to approach this from a different angle.  Allow supporters to support chosen charities and by voting at the AGM decide where this money should be spent


There is a massive industry surrounding charities.  There appeared to be almost endless companies out there advising charities on how they should be run, how to raise funds, administration etc, all of course taking a handsome cut of the funds donated by the public.  This appeared to me to be an almost incestuous relationship with each trying to rip the other off - certainly not the conduct I expected from charities or those advising charities.  You then have Charity Commission registration fees now, so even the government is getting in on the act.


So, fundamentally we want to support charities where a SIZEABLE proportion of the funds raised actually goes towards those it is supposed to be helping, where the administration fees including wages, salaries and bonuses are "reasonable" and comply with our ethical, environmental and community based principles.


If you agree with these principles, then get involved!



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